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Yousuf SaeedYousuf Saeed is an independent filmmaker, writer and designer based in Delhi. Yousuf is among the founders of Tasveer Ghar and maintains the design and upkeep of the website. He started his career in educational television (with the Times of India) in 1990, co-directing the science series Turning Point for Doordarshan, and moved on to make documentaries on a variety of subjects. Some of his prominent films include Inside Ladakh, Basant, Yashpal - A Life in Science, and the Train to Heaven which have been shown at numerous film festivals, academic venues and on TV channels. Besides films and television, Yousuf also worked for Encyclopedia Britannica (India) as the Arts Editor. He has been a Sarai Fellow (2004), and an Asia Fellow (2005). His most recent works are Khayal Darpana feature length film about the state of classical music in Pakistan, and Campus Rising, a documentary about the unrest in India's universities. His interest in the popular devotional art of Indian Muslims and his extensive collection of such art work brings him to the Tasveer Ghar. Yousuf is the author of Muslim Devotional Art in India (Routledge, 2012) based on his documentation of popular Islamic art. Yousuf also maintains Ektara, a video archive and newsletter on South Asia's shared history and cultural traditions. More about his works.

Yousuf's essays on Tasveer Ghar:

This is What They Look Like: Stereotypes of Muslim Piety in Calendar Art and Hindi Cinema

Election Campaign 2009: How to woo Indian Muslims to vote for you

Fabricating New Minarets of Identity (with Christiane Brosius)

Introduction to the Priya Paul Collection of Popular Art at Tasveer Ghar

Eid Mubarak: Cross-cultural Image Exchange in Muslim South Asia

South Asia’s Islamic Shrines and Transcultural Visuality: An Introduction (with Christiane Brosius)

Nizamuddin Shrine’s Built Heritage and Delhi’s Urban Face-lift (on Visual Pilgrim)



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